Nursing Clogs are an important part of safety in hospitals

Why Nursing Clogs Can Be Life Savers.

Not a lot of people give it much thought, because it just easily becomes a very overlooked profession that nurses have a very fast workplace where they always needs to be alert, and nursing clogs are actually a great safety tool. A nurse are a vital part of a hospital’s staff, and therefore their provider of work should always be very mindful to their health and safety at work. If a nurse is somehow incapacitated then this person is unable to perform his/her duty, which could mean disaster somewhere else in the workplace, as an injured employee means the people at work are understaffed probably. Therefore the safety of workers should always be taken into consideration.

Now you might ask how Nursing Clogs comes into the picture? Well these kinds of shoes have actually been found in rather ancient cultures all alround the world. This is a very old design for footwear, which has been improved upon during many years. The clog has even been frequently used by farmers in the western world in older times. Then the shoe was made of up of a simple wooden platform with sometimes leather to keep the foot in place, but sometimes it was a clog cut out of a solid block of wood. In addition to this, some cultures added small wooden blocks beneath the platform of the clogs to raise them by 6-8 inches.

This ancient design of footwear has been through the speeded up revolution of humen, and therefore it has reached glory resulting from the great piece of safety tool it is to this day. Actually the nursing clogs are often made with a slip preventing material beneath the bottom of the shoe. What’s great about this is that hospital staff may move very quickly around a large and rather crowded workplace. This gives a great sense of confidence to the employee that they’re not going to slip on the floor as it was ice. Because of this confidence they can move quickly around in a big building and therefore quickly and safely perform various required tasks.

Another great feature, which the nursing clogs also offers are a very sturdy and protective layer protecting your upper foot. Should anything minor fall onto your foot, a pair of good protective clogs should take all of the fall, so you don’t feel a thing. Imagine how this at least reduces some of the foot injures one might be faced while working at a place where such foot equipment as nursing clogs is required.

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